Chicken Broth

It’s 4:30PM and the whole house smells delicious – even the furnace repair man said he was ready to stay for dinner.

It’s a chicken broth cooking day. So easy as long as you have some time or a crock pot. I roasted a whole chicken last night which we had for dinner and now I have a fresh chicken carcass and two more that have been hanging out in the freezer.

So, this morning I popped them all into a pot along with:
2 Tablespoons of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar and enough water to cover the carcasses. Then I let this mixture sit for 30 minutes before turning on the heat, bringing to a boil, then reducing to a simmer.
After cooking for about 6 hours I added:
some roughly chopped carrots (4 or 5 medium)
2 onions quartered
3 stalks of celery
4 garlic cloves – peeled but not chopped,
and a handful of fresh cilantro I had leftover from another recipe.
It will now cook another few hours – if needed, skim off any “stuff” that comes to the top during cooking.
When finished cooking, strain the broth through cheesecloth and cool to room temperature.
The broth will keep in the refrigerator for about a week, or put it into freezer friendly containers and store it there months.

If you can’t be home for the broth to cook for 10-12 hours, you can put all the ingredients into a crock pot and let it simmer away while you’re at work or play.

The health benefits and nutrition from bone broth are phenomenal. And it tastes so good you’ll never want to use store bought broth unless you’re in a real pinch.

Bon Appetit!
Watched the movie, Julie & Julia again a few nights ago. Love it!


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