Chicken w/ Mushrooms – Super Easy

Last night, as we sat on our new front porch enjoying the cool evening air and chatting with a few neighbors I lost track of time and thus, got a very late start on dinner. When, at 8:00PM, I told the neighbor I had to run and get dinner started she asked, “What are you making?”
“I have no idea,” I responded.
“Then how can you make dinner?”
A logical enough question. But this is what I’m getting good at lately. Looking into the ‘fridge and seeing what I can throw together for a delicious but also nutritious meal.

So, last night we had shiitake mushrooms and garlic sauteed with cubed chicken breasts that were seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, thyme, rosemary, and basil – the liquid from the mushrooms helped to make a light sauce that was delicious, but I also could have added some coconut aminos for a little liquid. My husband had a side of wild rice I’d made the previous day and we both had steamed broccoli with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, salt, and toasted sesame seeds. A simple salad of spinach, baby lettuce, blueberries, and a vinaigrette served as a wonderful end to the meal.

And the best part? It only took 20 minutes to make!

I know everyone is going to want an exact recipe, but that’s the beauty of it, there isn’t one. Mix and match flavors and textures and see what you come up with. Some things will be wonderful, some okay, and others not so great. But, you don’t know until you try.


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