Holiday Travel

With the holidays just around the corner, many of us will be traveling and now seems like a good time to post a few suggestions on traveling well and healthy.

– First and foremost, don’t travel when you’re sick. If you get a note from your doctor most airlines will allow you to reschedule your travel plans for a later date without incurring crazy fees. Yes, you’ll miss a festivity or two but you may lessen the duration of your illness, and you won’t be responsible for passing along your illness to 1, 10, 100, or more people.

– Bolster your immune system before you travel: this means sleeping at least 8 hrs. every night; eating whole, nourishing foods; getting some moderate exercise; and enjoying life.

– If you are flying –

1. Make sure to drink enough water before and during your travel – dehydration allows germs into mucus membranes and depletes the immune system (caffeine will dehydrate you even more, so stick with water while on the plane);

2. Take along your own good, healthy foods & snacks such as nuts, seeds, harboiled eggs, homemade guacamole & chips or crackers; jerky; olives; fruit; cut-up veggies w/ homemade hummus, etc. (be sure to read security guidelines so you know what is and isn’t a liquid);

3. There are personal air filters you can wear around your neck that I know some people swear by for filtering the recirculated airplane air;

4. Medical grade mask can also be helpful if you do end up sitting by or near someone who is obviously sick with a cough or sneezing;

5. On long flights (2+ hrs.), be sure to get up and walk around the cabin, do little stretches in the aisle to help keep blood pumping and flowing;

6. Turn off your computer to take a break from technology and get you into the mindset of being with friends and family.

7. Take along a good book or 2, or a magazine you’ve been meaning to catch up on:

8. Excellent music is a great way to relax;

9. Take along hand wipes to wipe down arm rests and the tray table, and to take along with you to the lavatory.

AND, NEVER, EVER take anything out of, or put anything into the seat pocket in front of you. You do not want to know what’s been in there that has never been cleaned out.

Happy Travels!


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