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Elizabeth Roberts is a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Natural Chef graduating with Honors from Bauman College, School of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts (www.baumancollege.org).

Her motto is, “Healthy food should taste so fab you’d never guess it’s good for you.”

Elizabeth is passionate about the health effects of eating clean, whole, locally sourced food and is devoted to helping you on your path to your best health. She grows her own herbs, lettuces, chard, and kale throughout winter in the backyard greenhouse she built with her husband. Summer sees her gardens expand and her enthusiasm for local farmer’s markets is ignited.

In working with you, Elizabeth uses her strong understanding of how what we eat can enhance a person’s overall well-being and support specific health conditions naturally.

In 1998, she was diagnosed with Colitis/Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and refusing to believe medication was the only answer, she has been on a quest to identify and create delicious, nutritious foods to nourish and heal her body. She is currently eating a gluten-, grain-, dairy-, and refined-sugar-free diet and feeling Fab.

See her blog on this website for interesting information and delicious recipes.


What Some Clients are Saying About Elizabeth :

I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth while I was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. She and I met every few weeks to talk about the foods I was eating and then she made recommendations for me, which I took seriously and they made many positive changes. We cooked together, shopped together and I was told I was a great student!

Elizabeth is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to foods and nutrition. I trust anything she tells me because I know she is a diligent researcher and great observer. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to gain this knowledge from her and I have recommended her to my friends!
– Laura Janca

I found Elizabeth through an online forum shortly after I was diagnosed with Microscopic Colitis in October of 2013. I had lost over 20 pounds and was crippled by my symptoms. My gastroenterologist offered little in the way of treatment other than to suggest steroids and other prescription medications with heavy side effects.

Elizabeth introduced me to the SCD diet and acted as my nutrition teacher and guide with weekly or biweekly calls through the first year after my diagnosis.  Elizabeth’s expertise, advice, guidance and empathy were an integral part of my digestive healing as well as my psychological well-being. She worked with me to personalize the SCD diet and helped me ascertain which foods were and were not my “friends.” Her recipe suggestions have kept my limited diet both delicious and interesting. I have strictly adhered to the SCD diet for almost 2 years and am happy to say that I feel great and my lifestyle is no longer restricted by my IBD.

With Elizabeth’s help I am managing this disease without ANY prescription medications. I continue to reach out to Elizabeth whenever my diet or attitude needs tweaking.  I will forever be grateful to Elizabeth for her support and guidance.

– Heidi Wilson


If you are wanting to improve your health, fermentation is one of the first steps in doing exactly that. I have an autoimmune disease and was finding it extremely difficult to break through my doctor’s frustration of not knowing how to address the problem and masking the symptoms with drugs. My studying and researching led to my understanding that basic good health starts in the gut. Fermented foods supply the healthy bacteria needed to restore a healthy balance to the gut. I now feel that I have control of my health. I’m building my immune system and reversing my autoimmune disease, which has led to healthy weight loss, decrease of allergies, increased mood and mental clarity, and decreased fatigue.

Elizabeth is a master! She will teach you the science behind probiotics in fermentation, steps to make fermented fruits and vegetables that come out delicious, perfect, and safe, how to avoid mold and other contaminants, and the health benefits of ferment. In my One-on-one class with her, she made it easy to understand and we had so much fun. Now, family and friends love what I make and are wanting to learn how to ferment too. By the way…Elizabeth’s salsa is the bomb!!! Add it to some mashed avocado and you have a guacamole that absolutely everyone will be asking for the recipe! Honestly, I can’t keep enough on hand! Thank you Elizabeth!
– Rose Y.

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